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By on January 8, 2016

Apple vs Google's Mission Statement

What Happens in Vagueness…Stays in Vagueness

You can always bet, that what happens in vagueness...stays in vagueness. Especially when defining your company's mission statement. Managers typically pride themselves in letting the details sort themselves out with ...
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How to Catch a Liar

Vanessa Van Petten, from the Science of People, performed a wonderful summary presentation about the universal body language all human share and how they can be used to detect liars ...
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The Move to the Social Era

Most generations till now only lived through either a single era, or depending on the timing, they may have witness the birth of a new one.  I always considered myself ...
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Do Our Bodies Change Our Mind?

We all know that our minds change our bodies, but evidence is now coming forward that your body can change our minds as well. Body language affects how others see ...
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How to Hire Superstars

/ / Human Resources
Eben Pagan, from Get Altitude sat down with Tony Robbins recently with an incredibly simple idea for testing new employees to see if they fit at your organization. He calls ...
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The Secret to Everlasting Motivation

/ / Operations
Being a US Air Force Airman from 1992 to 1996, gave me a unique understanding of the meaning to "morale issues." If you remember the times, the Cold War ended ...
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What’s Your Story?

/ / Marketing & Sales
As marketing leaders, we want to stay focused on the most important aspects of our business marketing plans. However, we live in times where the tried-and-true processes we've grown accustom ...
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Employee Engagement vs Employee Fulfillment

/ / Human Resources
Employee engagement is a hot trending human resource topic lately and we should welcome the intentions of the places adopting it. However, I believe we have reached a point in ...
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Life Is All About 2nd Chances

/ / Visionary Leaders
Why is we raise in to feet instinctively when watching a sports team or an individual athlete come from behind to make the win? Why does it seem we are ...
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