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How to Hire Superstars

By on January 7, 2016

Eben Pagan, from Get Altitude sat down with Tony Robbins recently with an incredibly simple idea for testing new employees to see if they fit at your organization. He calls it “The Daily Update” and you essentially ask all new employees to send you a daily email at the end the first 30 days they are working for you with the following items:

1.    What they did that day and the results they got
2.    Any problems or challenges they faced
3.    Questions they have for you

He says that businesses should not settle for average and it will be easy to see the patterns to how this new hire thinks after getting these emails. And if you don’t get the emails, its a clear sign you have someone who is not fully committed.

Tony starts the interview stating, “It’s not the person you hire, its the person you don’t fire that destroys your business.”

Pagan agrees, replying that you should hire slowly, but fire quickly.

We need better systems for screening applicants and finding honest, committed individuals that are a right fit for our organizations. Vital Catalyst will be working with clients this year building systems to better screen and train their employees.

We are committed to helping companies find the right people that fit the companies core values and purpose.

Currently, our Vital Organizer system is the first of its kind Motivational Productivity Management System and it allows companies the ability to spot poor performers with task “Karma Points” that employees accumulate doing their day to day duties.

So what do you think? Please leave your comments below.

Here is a link to video of the full Eben Pagen Interview

“Hire superstars only; don’t settle for average…The best predictor of their future performance is their past performance, actually.”Eben Pagan


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